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in less time.

Patent Claim Editor


"Patent Claim Editor makes your work easier while creating great patents."

Patent Claim Editor


Automated claim referencing

Add, shift or delete claims while keeping the claim reference structure

Part-name numbering

Add part-names, detect missing or incorrect part-names and quickly fix them

Change tracking

Track true differences between the original file and the amended document

Integration into MS word

Easily import from other sources via copy and paste

Claim formatting

Perfectly formatted word export with custom header & footer and revisions for each change

Local data storage

Data is only stored as local files on your windows pc or mac

Claim drafting was never that easy

  • Claims references are automatically recognised, adjusted and possible errors detected while typing
  • Numbers referencing to part names of technical drawings can be easily added and checked
  • A fully formatted word file can be created immediately at any time
  • Most common formal mistakes can be easily avoided

The fastest way of amending claims

  • Track real changes to the claims and not individual editing actions
  • Automatically detects added, changed or deleted claims and adjusts the reference structure
  • Exported word documents include all tracked changes for revision

We care about your data security. Patent Claim Editor works offline and does not store anything in the cloud.

Patent Claim Editor is available for Windows and Mac